Tutorial Easy Easy, Doodle Yourself Out.

Can’t get up and out, have no energy to do anything remotely strenuous?  There are mornings that it might take all your energy to brush your teeth.  Those are the days that call for your Coloring Book.  So here’s another EASY way to express yourself creatively.  Remember the first rule is that there is NO RIGHT OR WRONG.

 I did most of this when I was on hold, on the phone, waiting for computer tech help..I finished Froggie before I got help . . .
Here’s my Doodle “technique” for Froggie:
  • Randomly pick a page, or not so randomly….
  • Find a line, a squiggle, a shape a mark that you want to repeat.
  • Repeat it wherever you want on the page.  
  • Then another and another and another until you’re doodled out.
On the froggie I decided to color in every other line on the page.  I used the same color.  I could have used several colors.  I could have doodled inside the rings.  Maybe I’ll go back and use the page to journal. I’ll ask my froggie first and let you know!
Let me know how your Doodle Yourself Out turns out.

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