Processing: 3 Heads are better than 2

It’s not about making a likeness or a work of fine art. It’s about capturing something of yourself — a long neck (nope), a long nose (yup), blue eyes (nope) – some characteristic to incorporate. I chose eyebrows figuring those were the easiest. One of my eyebrows is lower than the other and the older I get the lower it gets!
The Drawing:
I spontaneously sketched in the outline and for some reason my pencil made two heads. I painted them in. Just like a coloring book!

Then I pasted a photocopy of a paper doll that was given to me by my friend Joyce years ago for Valentines day. (NEVER throw anything away you never know when it will come in handy. . .) Don’t ask me why I pasted her between the heads. I do these pictures without thinking. (No jokes please)

Here’s the Self-help Healing part — Processing the picture.

Head #1 (right) The form and shape are more realistic but the shading is mask like. This is the part of me that throws people off.  I tend to incubate ideas,  No one really knows this is happening and all of a sudden my idea is born and people think I’m inpetuous at worst and spontaneous at best.
Head #2 (left) The characature – what others see, A bit wacky.  The creative ideas spring from her head and are transfered to head #1 to voice.
The Paper Dolly (middle) – the child like aspects of my personality — fun, laughing experimenting, curious – connects the two.

The “me” that is reflected in the picture:
I have a strong dual nature.  I have both strong fantasies and realities. Both heads (parts of me) are floating – (if I were to continue the bodies the feet would not be on the ground).  I’ve definately not been able to focus attention and direction, doing lots of things simultaneously. The Paper Dolly part of me has become extremely small lately. She’s barely visible from a distance. I’ve been so consumed by work that there has been almost no fun.
I now notice that the mouths of all three heads are bright red.  The only really bright part of the picture.  They are all closed.  I’ll have to meditate more on that and let you know.

Other people can often see what I don’t.  Take a look and let me know what you see.

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