Tutorial: Dualities #1 paint & collage

Past midnight.  I”ve always been a night owl.  I personally think there should be public ordinances forbidding anyone to be up before 10 am.  I’m going to blame the late hour for what I’m going to do with this post.  I’m going to show you a work in progress.  Now it’s been “in progress” for over a month (maybe longer).  I have a crazy idea that if I share it publicly I will finish it.  So here goes:

This is an exploration of dualities.  Seems to be a recurrent theme for me!
I had/have NO plan in mind but just did this spontaneously & intuitively.

1. I put two separate pieces of paper together and drew a face. I used a magazine photo face as a guide.
Variations: Use one piece of paper and cut it in half.  Use an actual photocopy of your own face!

2. I cut out pictures from magazines that grabbed my attention and photocopied them in black & white and in color

3.  I pasted the black & white on one side of the face and the colored copies on the other, slightly altering the positions (although I don’t know why. . .right now).

4. I used a crossed-hatched stamp with black ink to stamp randomly on both sides.
5. I smeared some acrylic beige paint on top of the photos and wiped it off to help the photos   blend into the background a bit
6.  Stay tuned!
Anyone want to experiement with your own dualities along with me?  Send me your work-in-progress!

P.S.  I haven’t really looked at this in a long time and realized that I had drawn an OWL on her forhead!  Freud just turned over in his grave. . .

One comment on “Tutorial: Dualities #1 paint & collage

  1. Wow, your blog is great! I suffer from Fibromyalgia as well and am also an artist. I usually express myself through abstract painting but have found it to be too physically demanding since my fibro has increasingly flared up. Being creative is my salvation and my best defense when dealing with my chronic illness. I have abandoned myself to blogging lately as a way to channel my energy, but I miss the tactile, interactive aspect of making a visual piece of art. The exercises you present here are inspiring me to grab my pencils and sketch pad and get to it. You must have so much fun teaching Creative Expression Workshops!Thanks so much for the inspiration. I am going to start working on my own "dualities" piece and delve into my shadowside!


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