It’s a SIGN -Thank YOU, Elizabeth!

I was getting discouraged.  When you click on the link to my blog the masthead SIGN comes blasting out in HUGE font size (it’s normal when I access it from Google).  Because I’m so technologically impaired and can’t figure out how to fix it  I thought it a “sign” that I wasn’t meant to blog.  Because the link is JudithWesterfieldFIBROMYALGIA people told me that they hadn’t checked out my blog because they didn’t have fibro.  I thought this was a “sign” that I shouldn’t have used Fibromyalgia in the link.  I apparently didn’t send correct links to the blog and many of my friends said they couldn’t access it. I thought this is a “sign” that not many people would see the blog.

Then I received this comment (I’m repeating it here because most of you that do access the blog probably won’t read the comments!):
“Wow, your blog is great! I suffer from Fibromyalgia as well and am also an artist. I usually express myself through abstract painting but have found it to be too physically demanding since my fibro has increasingly flared up.
Being creative is my salvation and my best defense when dealing with my chronic illness. I have abandoned myself to blogging lately as a way to channel my energy, but I miss the tactile, interactive aspect of making a visual piece of art.
The exercises you present here are inspiring me to grab my pencils and sketch pad and get to it. You must have so much fun teaching Creative Expression Workshops!
Thanks so much for the inspiration. I am going to start working on my own “dualities” piece and delve into my shadowside!”

Elizabeth is not a relative, a colleague, she’s never received a MaxEzine newsletter — she found my blog on a Goggle Fibromyalgia Blog Alert!  I was, am, so thrilled to know that someone was inspired by my blog.

Thank YOU, Elizabeth for taking your time to write and send me such a wonderful sign!  And check out her blog:
 A Sofa with a View: Rants, Raves and Ramblings from a Mom with Fibromyalgia

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