FREE Technique to Reduce Anxiety & Stress Response

I just posted a technique that is great for reducing anxiety on someone elses blog.  It occurred to me, why not my own BLOG!  So for those of you who suffer from anxiety here’s a simple technique that is great.  And it requires no Rx, no money, no time and you take it with you where ever you go:

Signal Breath:
1.  Take a deep breath through your nose.
2.  Hold the breath for just a moment
3.  As you release it gently through your nose relax in any way you choose
4.  As you relax say silently:  ‘Thank you brain, I’m safe.”

Sound too simple!?  Our brains are relatively simple in that brains can not tell the difference between when we are actually in danger (anxiety is our brain’s way of keeping us on alert for danger so we can survive) and when we perceive danger through thoughts or other cues.  Imagine a snake, a spider, anything that you are afraid of. Your brain will register “danger!” and flood your cells with the neurochemistry of fear/anxiety.  Watch a sad movie and your brain will flood you with sadness and if you are like me, you’ll sob like a baby.

Soooooooooo, tell your brain you are safe and it will stop the neurochemistry related to fear and anxiety.  It’s not instant cup’o’soup because once you are flooded with the anxious feeling it will take about 20 minutes or so for then neurochemistry to metabolize out of your body’s cells. 

5. “Sprinkle” the Signal Breath/I’m safe cue throughout the day and evening.  It’s a good idea to get a cue(s) to remind yourself to do this.  A post-it-note on the bathroom mirror, every time your phone rings, a note in your appointment book etc.  

You HAVE to breathe anyway so you’ve got nothing to lose — except your anxiety! 

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