Processing Therapeutic Creative Expression

“I have been contemplating the woman falling backwards.  The side borders are open.  The water may be my escape, my way out.  I think the fireworks behind my head are things that stress me out.  Pink and blue background colors may represent kids (students and my own).  I need to take time for myself.

Thank you for offering this class.  I am having so much more fun than I ever expected!”

Theresa is attending the Wonderful Woman Journaling group. She used her intuition to begin to put personal meaning into the journal collage pages she is creating.  I’m going to open up more possibilities so that all of you can see how my mind works when I process. (Could be a bit scary to see how my mind works so I’ll try to be circumspect!)

Processing Possibilities:

The woman falling back is upright in a VERY trusting, serene position (like the trust falls where you fall backwards into a group).

She might be falling, she could be leaning on an unobservable support, what she’s standing on may be tilted and she’s standing straight (like the crooked house in Disneyland.  What is your platform?

3 firework explosions:  What are the 3 major wonders, beautiful blasts, celebrations, stresses etc in your life that are BEHIND you that you don’t see?

The two largest are touching you, the smallest is the farthest from you?  OR the largest explosion could be crowning you, the next explosion is close to your heart.  All three are exactly the same shape, color – what are three things, relationships, activities, events that are the same except for size and where they have “touched” you?

Let us know more Theresa by posting a comment so everyone can learn!

Here’s  a collage page from Valerie Dambach”s journal.

First and most importantly only YOU know what the meaning is.  I can only give you possibilities. You can see from her writing the powerful meaning for Val is “MOVING ON”.
To begin to understand how to process your own work here’s the jumpstarts I gave Val to process creative expression.

Start with the obvious:  EYES

Placement: The large eye is looking “inward”.  It is not attached to a body: Perhaps it is the soul, the objective eye, the eye of the unconscious?  There is a paper towel (literally) underneath:  to catch tears, to keep it clean, to mask something?

The eye on the woman’s face is looking “outward”  and is a part of a whole face: The eye may be viewing outside circumstances in your world; taking in all the eyes of others and what they are seeing; looking away from the knowing of the “soul” eye, viewing the physical realities of your world?

The multiple eyes on the border are looking in many directions:  Seeing ALL circumstances, all issues, all possibilities; The eyes of everyone in your world watching and waiting; Different parts of you that know everything; Your mind  surrounded by objective reality.

The woman is smiling:  She likes what she sees, she likes what others see, she is putting on a smiling face to the world?

 Now it’s your turn.  SEE what rings true and what doesn’t and comment here on the blog so everyone can share in the processing.

Remember ONLY the artist KNOWS what the meaning is for her.

Send me a jpg of your work and I’ll give you some jumpstarts!

One comment on “Processing Therapeutic Creative Expression

  1. Hi Judith! I haven't not heard from you since I wrote back about the critique of my art. So welcome to my blog and I am a follower of yours as well. All I could think of the top picture of her falling into the water.. she better be a good swimmer.. I swim like a rock! Lol.. Hugs, Darlene xo..This is very interesting btw..I have a sister in law with Fibro..I know about fibro from back in the 80's.. as they thought or perhaps still do think it is from stress/anxiety. I always felt something was missing in my muscles.. ?I always got more sore then the next girl as a cheerleader to be.Thanks for the great post!Hugs, Darlene xo


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