Tutorial: MaxAtine for your Valentine Sweetie

Just sent out a Valentine Edition of Max’s Newsletter the “MaxEzine” with a tutorial on making your own MaxEtine.  (Max doesn’t like it when I call him “SweetieDog”) Here’s how:

1.  Fold together 2 pieces of paper in 1/2.  Chew into heart shape creating 2 identical hearts.

2.  Spirt 2-3 colors of paint on heart. Using “maxed-out” credit card, randomly spread paint to cover.

3.  Wipe hands & card on 2-ply paper towel and squirt more paint on towel if needed.

4.  Wad up paper towel, wet and squeeze dry.  Let dry out completely and separate the 2 layers. Chew paper towel into pieces for the ruffle around the MaxEtine.

5.  Glue shredded pieces of paper towel around back of one heart like a ruffle.

6.  Glue second heart to back of first heart, sandwiching ruffle in between the two hearts.

7.  Write “I LOVE YOU” on front heart and any message you want on back heart!
8.  Decorate, if you want (I dotted glitter glue on my MaxEtine.

9.  Give to YOUR “Sweetie”.

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