Passion & Purity, Follower’s Comment

Opened my mail.  Anonymous comment:

My problem with passion is that I used to feel it, but all the things I was passionate about ended up exploding in my face and destroying everything I once held dear. I hope the Hindus are right: purity is the highest state, not passion.”

So many questions rush through my mind wanting to understand those powerful two sentences:  
  • Can we passionately seek purity?
  • Can we be passionate about people that don’t deserve our passion?
  • Does passion need to be reciprocated, appreciated, acknowledged?
  • When passion takes us down dangerous paths how do we know when to take a turn away?
  • If everything we hold dear destroys what does that say about our perception?
  • Can passion and purity co-exist?
  • What happens to our soul when passion is gone?
There are more questions.  Not so many answers. 

Thank you “Anonymous” for sharing so intimately.  Thank you for the power of your word images.

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