Fibro Fire

Been thinking a lot about the significance of these pages.  I think my fibromyalgia burned my life, as I knew it, to the ground.  As I’ve written before I was physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually bereft.

I had to redefine who I was. It was not my physical body, what I did or what I had.  I had to find my soul.

The woman in the window (below the moon) holds my soul, the gremlin clinging to the woman silhouetted in the moon is stealing my soul and the oyster shell on the next page has opened to show my soul:  A soul born of the irritations of life’s passages.

Moon River is a metaphor for where life has carried me

2 comments on “Fibro Fire

  1. Life certainly does have a way of revealing uncharted journeys for us. But I must say my dearest Judith, I strive to embrace this life’s journey with the same joy, humor, grace & love that you do. You are an inspiration ♥♥♥


  2. Hi sweetie! It’s hard to imagine you emotionally and spiritually bereft. You are so upbeat…… do you do it? I’m going through root canals galore right now and it’s bringing on one heck of a flare and my attitude is going in the toilet………..(sigh). Say hi to Max!!


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