Tutorial Time: 3 Faces of Me


Here’s an update on my June 23, 2010 post

1.  Draw a profile on one side of paper

2.  Draw half of a  full face on the other side (It obviously doesn’t have to be a likeness!)

3.  Make several photo copies

4. Doodle on your pictures

5. Color the faces in like you would a coloring book.  (I used permanent markers and pastel chalk).  Crayons work great!

Me, Smuge Face

6.  Have fun!

It’s quick and easy.

If I look at the 3 faces in relationship to my fibromyalgia:  The left is when I’m fibro-fogged and one brain and the other aren’t fully communicating;  The middle is when I’m in pain and gritting my teeth but beginning to come together; the right is my face to the world when I’m feeling “blue”.

Wadda ya say? Comments HERE! (Depending on energy, I may not be able to respond to every comment but I READ every word of every comment!)

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