Contest: Pacemaker Names and Portrait

Laurie M. Judy my first entry is the name J.P. (judy’s pacemaker) I’ll think of more. We can enter more than once, right?  RIGHT!

Linda W.
How about “Rose”. Because your wonderful little P.M. puts the rosey color in your cheeks and ensures you will continue to see the world through Rose Colored Glasses & a Rose Colored Heart……You can even have a beautiful rose tattoo.

Cindy D
I think you should name her “Tweeker”. She tweeks when you need her to and as all pacemakers they need to be tweeked so they do their job right….(Just like everybody else) we all need a little “tweeking” from time to time to help us keep on “pace”.

Our family had a friend named Ticky…but we could give her a title Miss Wired

Here are some facts to jump-start YOUR creativity:

♥ Her parents are Mr & Mrs Biotronik

♥ Her adoption cost $38,000, not including doctors fees for 8 hours in the hospital (no meals)

♥ She’s a girl . . .

Submit your name!

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