Learn how to Interpret a journal page

“Thank you for offering this class.  I am having so much more fun than I ever expected!

Here’s Theresa’s great journal page and her initial response:

“I have been contemplating the woman falling backwards.  The side borders are open.  The water may be my escape, my way out.  I think the fireworks behind my head are things that stress me out.  Pink and blue background colors may represent kids. I need to take time for myself.”

Theresa attended one of my Woman’s Journaling group. She used her intuition to begin to put personal meaning into the journal collage pages she is creating.

You can do this too!

Look at this picture. Answer these questions yourself using your intuition. You will be surprised at your own answers even though it’s not your personal picture.

The woman falling back is upright in a VERY trusting, serene position (like the trust falls where you fall backwards into a group).

  1. What below you is something you trust?
  2. Or are you being “pushed” by someone, something (wind). What or who may be “pushing”.                                               Instead of falling you could be leaning on an unobservable support,
  3. What is the platform/issue/grounding you stand on?
  4. What might you stand on that may be tilted.
  5. Or What in your life  is throwing you off-balance?                               Look at the fireworks:
  6. What are 3 major wonders/beautiful blasts/celebrations/stresses etc in YOUR life that are BEHIND YOU?
  7. What might each explosion represent in YOUR life?  All three are exactly the same shape, color:
  8. What three things/relationships/activities/events in YOUR life that are the same except for size?

Let me know how it worked for you!

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