Cook’n with Silly

It’s said that as we grow older our taste buds change.  When I was young(er) I craved chocolate and being taken seriously.  I still crave chocolate but the craving for being taken seriously has miraculously disappeared.  I have developed a taste for silly. It’s hard to find good silly recipes or EXPERIENCED silly chefs.
Carla Sonheim is a Gourmet Silly Cook.  She’s got a great book that I recommend  for all of you who profess to have no creative talents and/or inclinations:  52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun!  Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists

Maybe you like your Silly sweet, maybe salty.  You might prefer Silly straight up or on the rocks.  However you like it Silly brings a smile.

Carla’s online workshop The Art of Silliness is starting and here’s her first “Silly Sheet”.  The instructions, for those of you who are taking out binoculars, say “Write a story about this bird guy”

Here’s my story and my Bird Guy:
Bird GuyBird Guy on the Ball
Couldn’t fly
Cuz he had a sty
Blurring his vision
In his eye
Where ever
He went
He was spent
From trying to see
Past his knee
“If only I could fly”
Said the Bird Guy
“It hurts my eye
It hurts my feet
This sty
In my eye”
“I won’t demure
Until I find a cure
An eye doctor
I seek
I’ll follow my beak
To the ornitholgist”

I TOLD you there’s no accounting for taste . . . .!

Send me your silly stories!
Remember!  There’s no right or wrong when it comes to creative expression.

One comment on “Cook’n with Silly

  1. bird guy
    tell me are you a bird
    or are you a guy?
    if you are a bird
    for sure you can’t fly
    you allow someone’s hand
    to control your flight.
    oh is that a foot
    well then, you allow yourself
    to be trampled upon.
    if you are a man
    then act like a man
    respect your own being
    don’t be envious of anything.
    pink tail and pin lips,
    who is your idol miss?
    what? you are truly a bird guy?
    then fly as high
    but don’t forget
    the ground
    where you will eventually land.


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