Bended Spoon-it’s for the birds

For those of you who don’t follow comments after my postings here’s one I don’t want you to miss.  It was about my Bird Guy.

bird guy
tell me are you a bird
or are you a guy?
if you are a bird
for sure you can’t fly
you allow someone’s hand
to control your flight.
oh is that a foot
well then, you allow yourself
to be trampled upon.
if you are a man
then act like a man
respect your own being
don’t be envious of anything.
pink tail and pin lips,
who is your idol miss?
what? you are truly a bird guy?
then fly as high

but don’t forget
the ground
where you will eventually land.


Here’s an unsolicited comment I found on and for “Bended Spoon”  I agree the blog brings smiles.  Give it a click!

“What a wonderfully interesting and delightful blog! ( I came to visit after reading your comment on ProBlogger’s guest article about blog buddies. So happy to have found you – I was inspired by the visit; the words made me smile, so thank you!”

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