Free Therapeutic Lesson! Drawing from the FUN side of your Brain #1


A What'sit Fritter (Fun + Critter = Fritter)


I’ve had many people write and say “I”ve tried to do therapeutic creative expression but everything I do looks like a kindergarten drawing.” (Recognize yourself?)

I have a comment! (when doesn’t she have a comment!  you’re thinking)

#1  Therapeutic Creative Expression is only therapeutic if you DO NOT CARE what the end product looks like!  If you do NOT care your stress response will drop and your functioning improves.  Now if that’s not a reason to NOT CARE I don’t know what is.

#2.  Self criticism, self-doubt, self-deprecation are NOT therapeutic!  They raise your stress level and thus raise your heart rate, your blood pressure and increase muscle tension which increases pain levels.

If you are going to draw like a kindergartener at least have FUN like a kindergartener! And if you are an artist go back to your roots and fumble around having fun!

Enough comments.  You who draw like kindergarteners have inspired me to facilitate a Drawing from the FUN side of your Brain workshop and have decided to give it to you for free! (Please don’t tell anyone who lives in Southern California).  Here GOES . . .

Funsson #1   (Fun + Lesson = Funsson)    (borrowing some silly vocabularly from Carla Sonheim)

Getting Rid of Your INNERTIC (INNER + CRITIC = Innertic)

Why is this lesson #1?  We don’t want your Innertic spoiling your fun for the rest of the Funssons.  So here’s a way to tell your inner critic how to go, if not where to go.

Materials: Piece of paper, minimum size 9″ x 12″,  Crayons or colored markers


Using your black or darkest color crayon or marker:
  • Draw a Great Big Circle on your page.  It can be wobbly or lopsided and should NOT be perfect.  If it’s perfect, start again.
Inside the Great Big Circle:
  • Top third of the circle, draw two more circles, side by side.  They can touch or not.
  • Draw a smaller circle inside each of the two circles.  Fill in the smaller inner circles with a dark color.
  • Bottom third of the Great Big Circle, draw a horizontal (—) shape: an oval, rectangle, half-moon etc.,and fill the shape in with color
  • Middle of the Great Big Circle, draw a vertical  ( / ) shape: a long oval, a banana shape, a rectangular shape etc., and fill in the shape with color.
Outside the Great Big Circle:
  • Top half – draw straight, wavy, curly, spiral, scribbles from the outside of the Great Big Circle to the edge of the page

Finishing TOUCHES to your Innertic:

  • Do whatever you want!   Doodle lines and squiggles, add ears, add a weird body.  Give it a hat, a wart, body piercing jewelry, pimples, a tongue, buck teeth, eyelashes,  an eyepatch, a black eye, draw hair growing out it’s nose, a dimple, rosy cheeks, give it another eye . . .
Color in areas of the page, as much or little as you want.
When you FEEL like your Innertic is complete give it a name and write the name on the picture.

Finishing OFF your Innertic:

  • Write words, phrases and sentences on the front and back of the paper.  “BEGONE”,  Take your criticism and shove it!”  etc. Be as mean and judgemental to your Inner Critic as it is to you. Don’t be shy. Don’t censor yourself. You know what to say.  Write a minimum of 5 things you want to tell your Innertic.
  • Get rid of your symbolic Inner Critic!

scribble over it until it disappears

cut it up

bake it in a batch of brownies

rip it up

bury it in the flower beds

crumble it up and burn it.

You’ll KNOW what to do.

Now don’t tell me that didn’t feel good!

P.S.  If your Inner Critic changes appearance and sneaks back

repeat this lesson until it gets the message!

Send me your pictures before you get rid of them!  I want to see!  Here’s how:

  1. Photograph it

  2. Upload it to your computer

  3. Go to:

  4. Join CreativitytotheMAX and upload your picture.

    It’s EASY and you don’t have to use your real name!

Wadda ya say? Comments HERE! (Depending on energy, I may not be able to respond to every comment but I READ every word of every comment!)

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