Contest: Painting to Express Feelings!

Here’s a wonderful example of Creative Expression.  Liz splashed a lot of red paint on the canvas, smeared it around, splashed a lot of yellow paint and smeared it around.  Red + Yellow = Orange!

You can see bits of the yellow and bits of the red which makes the background interesting.  If you want a solid surface of one color hire a house painter, not an “artist”!

Then she smeared on other colors in streaks across the top.   The dark colors next to the lighter colors make the lighter colors brighter and stand out.

We talked a lot about the painting and about how she was feeling when she painted.

Tell me what you think she was feeling and win a Hypnotic Healing CD of your choice!

Enter in the COMMENTS box a short observation about the painting that evokes YOUR OWN feelings.  I will forward your comments to Liz to pick the winner who comes the closest to what she felt while painting the picture.

2 comments on “Contest: Painting to Express Feelings!

  1. She was feeling an inner calm in a swirling, chaotic, crazy world that was wild and hot and about to boil over!
    I feel when I see her painting, like hanging onto that tiny piece of calm in that big mass of chaos!


  2. No life exist without bloody red pains but we have the choice to splash it with yellow sunshine. The blending of the 2 colors made one ask, “Orange you glad you’re alive? Orange you dreaming of making a difference?” And one answered,”Of course I’ll change the landscape and honor my existence by not simply breathing but creating a hopeful path for many as I passed through. See it?”


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