Dr Oz Agrees with Me!

There’s Something Funny Going On (and It’s Making You Healthy)

From July 18, 2009 12:11 PM by RealAge |

“Laugh, and you may keep your arteries healthy. Why? Cracking up relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow — the exact opposite of what happens when you’re tense. When people with normal blood pressure watch a funny movie, their blood flow increases by about 20%. But when they watch an intense, violent film, they get stressed out, their blood vessels constrict, and their blood flow decreases by about 35%. (So much for last year’s grim Oscar winner!)”

“Another reason to laugh all you can: Bum moods increase cortisol levels, the bad-boy stress hormone that increases fat accumulation in your belly and makes your kidneys retain salt and water, which boosts your blood pressure. So whether you’re renting a comedy or TiVo-ing an old episode of The Lucy Show, pay zero attention to anyone who says, “Get serious.”

“If you’ve seen all the humor flicks you can handle for the moment, a funny friend is at least as good — and may even help keep you slim: A good chortle increases the number of calories you burn, according to one study. The researchers estimated that if you spend 10 to 15 minutes a day laughing, you can burn up to 40 extra calories. Not a ton. But, hey, every little waist-shrinking bit adds up.”

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“All of which explains one of our favorite health factors: Frequent laughter can make your RealAge (that’s your biological — not your calendar — age) up to 8 years younger.”

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