Another of Life’s Firsts

Never occurred to me I would experience this FIRST in my lifetime.

I’ve had many memorable firsts:

  • First time out of the womb, which I actually don’t remember.
  • First boyfriend Richard Burack. He was the cause of the FIRST irregular heart beat,
  • First sexual experience (no skipped beats, just fear of getting caught)
  • First trip on my own: In my teens; Plane taxied out, turned around;  Everyone off while they check the engines. (FIRST time my heart stopped beating)
  • First job: High school, Sears part-time clerk when it was still called Sears Roebuck
  • First pet: Butchie. I won him in a adopt-a-dog contest, writing a letter telling the TV station why I should have him. (When I won, my parents hearts stopped beating)
  • First brother:  Actually he’s my only brother. He was the cause of my no longer being an only child. I wasn’t too enamored with him.  I had fantasies of flushing him, head first, down the toilet.  Instead, I spent most of HIS FIRST years tormenting him. (But that’s another story)

And NOW!

First time I’ve been flagged as spam: Unlike my other FIRSTS this is not a first that just everyone has!

Here’s the story:

Susan Kelsey, past president of  Orange County CAMFT (California Association for Marriage Family Therapists) has been trying to send out my workshop announcements to the membership. It’s a service OC-CAMFT provides for members. For a long time now they get returned as undeliverable.  It’s been puzzling, frustrating and time-consuming for Susan.  I received this from her this morning:

“Yea!  Success!  I finally figured it out.  Your original email is probably flagged in the system as potential spam promotions for your workshops. Anyway, I also suspect that any email with your full name in it might trigger the same response.  That’s why I chose one on your list that didn’t have your actual name in it.  And it worked!

I’m so sorry this has been such a pain in the neck for you!  I have NEVER had any other member who has encountered this problem.”


I wonder if Susan will find this memorable?

Susan Kelsey, MFT



2900 Bristol Street, Suite G101
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(800) 890-1962


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