Process Painting, Not about Forrest Gump!

Grief & Loss Acrylic, by Liz

Grief & Loss Acrylic by KathieYou’ll be relieved to know I’ve run out of Forrest Gumpisms.  (But you must admit I was on a roll!)  Today is some more of the one line drawings and paintings from last week-ends workshop.

These are what I call “PROCESS PAINTINGS”


  • Acrylic paint is the medium – it dries fast
  • Sponges, sponge brushes and q-tips to smear, dab, dribble and smush the paint on the canvas

Instructions are to use color to express feelings in a step by step process (created by Laurie Zagon, Art & Creativity for Healing, a wonderful non-profit)

Basic steps:

  • Focus on Loss- someone or something, physical, emotional, personal and express the feelings with colors
  • God, spirituality, giving and/or receiving love and express that with colors
  • You can essentially do whatever you want to express your feelings.  The only rule as Laurie taught me is to cover the entire canvas with paint so you have a complete painting and no canvas showing.
  • If you don’t have canvas use paper.
  • If you don’t have acrylic paint use crayons.
  • I know you have feelings!

One-line drawing

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