Intentional Acts of Kindness

I have participants periodically decorate Random Acts of Kindness Cards in my workshops.

And when I give away one of my CDs I include a Pass-it-On kindness card.

When I saw Chris Dunmire’s Intentional Acts of Kindness page on her

CreativityPortal Blog

I said “YESSSSSS”!  That’s exactly what we need —–INTENTIONAL Acts of Kindness.

Here’ what Chris writes: “A kinder world, one thought at a time

Who has the power to make this a kinder world? You do! All it takes is for one person to ‘plant an act of kindness’ and it has the potential to grow and spread for everyone’s benefit.

Creativity Portal’s Kindness section has been visited by people worldwide seeking information about kindness and tools they can use to spread more kindness around in the world. We invite you to download some of our free printables below and visit other kindness Web sites so we can all participate in intentional acts of kindness and make life a little brighter for everyone.”

Chris has invented one fun way to inspire more kind acts to continue from person to person through her printable Kindness Pass-Along Gift Cards. These cards are free for you to download, print, and use to spread more kindness in your home, office, school, or community.  So make sure you check them out on her blog.

Here’s a PDF copy of my card.  It’s printed on Business Card stock, front and back.

Acts of Kindness Cark, Front.jpeg

Acts of Kindness Card, back.jpeg

WHAT  is YOUR INTENTIONAL ACT OF KINDNESS ?  And what intentional act of kindness have you received?

2 comments on “Intentional Acts of Kindness

  1. I too have been touched by random acts of kindness. I will never forget a lovely couple who picked me up on the freeway and saw me home when I was a starving student with a very unreliable car.
    More recently I think of the kind salesman we met in Italy, who drew us a little map in Florence when we couldn’t find our way, and shared with us the best sights to see and places to eat, all in flawless English!
    I had an opportunity to pay it forward recently, when a little Phillipino lady got lost in our neighborhood. She could not remember her telephone number or address and she had nothing in her purse to help me figure out how to get her home. I brought her into my kitchen for a cup of tea, and we contacted the police department, who was able to check the database and find out she lived a few blocks away so we could get her home. She gave me a big hug and said “you are so kind”. I hope she won’t wander away again.


  2. I was one of the lucky recipients of Judith’s kindness. I can’t tell you how wonderful that act makes you feel. If you are a giver like I am it also is difficult to accept. I keep working on this but I do believe in acts of kindness. It’s a wonderful way to make someone’s day brighter. If you haven’t read 29 Gifts……do so. It’s what this is all about!


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