Fan Mail from my Max-a-natics

Dear all my New Best Friends,
I am so glad you commented.  These are things my Human needs to hear so that she remembers that this is CreativitytotheMAX, the blog.  She seems to be getting forgetful that I am the one who has the fans.  And here’s my latest Fan Mail
“Max must be the cutest dog on the planet…And he looks so good no matter what color lighter or filter is used. . .”
xoxoLaure L.
Dear Laure,
You are the most intelligent discerning human on the planet.  You are probably cute too.
Lickingly yours LLLLLLL,
Max, of the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat

Emma is a ridgeback x. She's 12


josiespeaksup said…
If it’s possible, which I previously doubted, Max is cuter than my dog Emma!
Dear MY new BEST FRIEND Josie,
It’s possible.
Lickingly yours LLLLLLLLLLLLLL,
Max The Cute One

“I love the snow effect and the accompanying song! Max looks great in that red toque!”
Dear Phylor,
You are a true fashionista.  You toque me!
Lickingly LLLLLL
Max The Dior Dog


Max you are fantastic!
Hope I can hear you sing it!”

Dear Rea,
You are obviously a person of sophisticated TASTE.
P.S.  Did the spoon get bent from dishing out dog food?

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