3 or 6 wishes for the New Year, from Max

Dear all my Best Friends,

Here are some NEXT YEAR’s wishes for you.  I could only think of 3 wishes but I liked 6 pictures.

May you have as much fun as you can before someone makes you stop.

May your human feed you what you want to eat.

May all your friends bring you love.

Maybe you can write me what the other 3 wishes could be?



P.S.  Thank you Carolyn for the inspiration for my wishes. LLLLL Max

13 comments on “3 or 6 wishes for the New Year, from Max

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  2. Wishes; Ditto everyone’s comments, plus; 1) World Peace (with apologies to beauty pageant contestants 2) Everyone perform a daily random act of kindness 3) Drivers use turn signals (really, the bulbs won’t burn out)


  3. Comment by josiespeaksup 8 hours ago
    Oh, would you stop posting such cute photos! OK, my wishes, although I thought I’d blog on the 1st a real comprehensive list of my wishes, but these fit the photos:
    May you always have friends to snuggle with and provide comfort.
    May you always have companions for life’s loves, trials and adventures.
    May you always have the security of a warm hand holding you tight!
    Josie x


  4. may your days be full of more laughter than tears (humans can be funny to watch!)
    may there be moments of bliss (from treats, to tummy rubs, to runs/walks in the park)
    may your bowl always be full, and your life the same


  5. May you live every day in the joy of just this moment.
    May your eyes light up when your human enters the room.
    May you always have a wonderful pet in your life just like these!


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