New Years, A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

I’m waiting alone (my husband is sick in bed) for the ball to drop in New York so I can go to bed knowing that New Years has officially arrived on this continent  – Smiling at a memory of when I was 6 waiting for my parents to return from a New Year’s Eve party. . .

Lying in bed wide awake, scared to go to sleep: This was the first time in my life that a stranger was taking care of me;  The first time  my parents left me to go out.  This New Year’s Eve thing was big.

My Mother spent money on a new dress.  She even bought jewelry – a matching necklace and earrings – to go with the  dress.  Yup, this New Year’s Eve thing was huge.

Wide awake, alone in the dark, listening for their car to pull into the driveway – thinking New Year’s Eve was a once in a lifetime occasion.   I hoped that another New Year’s Eve would happen in my lifetime so I could get a new dress with matching jewelry.

I’m still waiting for that once-in-a-lifetime-New Year’s Eve.

2 comments on “New Years, A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

  1. That’s a sweet little memory! How scary being left with a stranger and it was dark. You were also missing out on something HUGE that required fancy clothing etc! People were different then- I never bothered to pick up my degrees at graduation (too much dressing up) and my partner and I never bothered organising to get married in Venice. It seemed like a lot of trouble to go to when we were living together already and everyone knew! Besides- imagine the dressing up!!
    PS. My blog posts were first put into NaBloPoMo because when I transferred them to my permanent blog, the formatting went completely nuts. Now I am transferring the NaBloPoMo posts to my site, one by one, fixing glitches where I can.


    • That is so interesting. Never connected the two but I never went through graduation ceremonies in college either – all 3 of them!
      I’ve been posting on the permanent blog because that’s the most important and then cut n’pasting them to NaBloPoMoNoGo and having to upload pictures all over again …There must be a easier way than what we both are doing?


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