Sketchbook Challenge: Bag Book Bag Lady

MIss Vida Video Presents

Here’s an EASY, fun way to start out your Bag Book (See Tutorial, How to Make a Bag Book )

And as long as I was challenging you to do something creative and different I thought I’d better put my money where my mouth is or at least a mouth where the Book Bag is . . . you’ll see . . .

My first video! Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre goes! (Tell me what you think.  Unless what you think isn’t what I want to hear, then don’t tell me)

10 comments on “Sketchbook Challenge: Bag Book Bag Lady

  1. PS: Meant to ask: Can I “cheat” and submit a photo of a bag lady I already made for an invisible illness awareness week project until I get my paper bag book and lady created?


  2. Judith: I love Hortense the Bag Lady! and your video. Is “boffo” the old movie term for “great”? If so, your video is boffo, and kudos to Max in his directorial debut!


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