My Birthday Season is COMING!

Only  25 days till My Birthday Season!

Many years ago my good friend Bernice and I were sitting in a motel room eating doughnuts for breakfast.  We picked this motel because it had free doughnuts and coffee every morning.

It was just before our birthdays which are a few weeks apart.

A bit giddy from not sleeping well on motel mattresses and slightly inebriated on chocolate covered doughnuts, we decided that if we were going to get older each year we would at least take advantage of our accumulating age.  We created OUR BIRTHDAY SEASON.

Here are the rules in case you’d like to have your own Birthday Season.

  1. Beginning on the day of your birth your season lasts the number of days you are old.  Consequently every year your Birthday Season is one day longer.  With me so far?
  2. You are to celebrate your birth the entire season by choosing whatever you wish to do, or NOT do,  each day.  So far so good!
  3. People give you presents the entire season.  SO GOOD, so far!
  4. You must be over 50 to qualify for Birthday Season status.  Over 50 you need more time to have fun because it takes you longer.
  5. You may start your Birthday Season before the day of your birth.  But you cannot exceed the number of days you are old.
  6. Those who are under the age of 50 can celebrate a Birthday Season as long as they don’t tell anyone or demand presents. Gargle thoroughly after breakfast to eliminate tell-tale Birthday Season Breath.
  7. You must eat doughnuts everyday for breakfast during your season.  If you don’t like doughnuts you can choose anything you want as long as it isn’t healthy.
  8. Every day of your season you must be grateful for being born and still being alive.  After your Birthday Season is over you can revert to moaning about your age.

Do NOT write me pointing out the bias I have shown toward certain kinds of doughnuts in the slide show.

This is my blog and I can play favorites.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

P.S.  Write me about your Birthday TRADITIONS!

8 comments on “My Birthday Season is COMING!

  1. Mine would definitely be raspberry jelly doughnuts,
    not strawberry. That is a given. I usually celebrate my own birthday week by giving myself little presents or buying something I have wanted for a really long time. With two teenagers, a husband and a lovable mutt, I’m pretty sure that the only people who would celebrate my unbirthday would be me; and I’m fine with that. With 9 more months to go till my real birthday I have plenty of time…starting now to celebrate myself. Happy Unbirthday to you and to me.


    • Well, you are right. OTHER PEOPLE don’t usually fully comprehend that they are suppose to regale me for the entire SEASON. So I do what you do — gift myself! THere’s a lot of advantages to that as I always get what I want. (Well, not ALWAYS)
      Happy Unbirthday!


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  3. Thanks for reminding me of our birthday season. (I had thought I might just ignore it this year). ALAS. But, of course, as you know it always becomes a really special time. To celebrate with you, my friend, these past years has been a blessing. Plus having two sisters sharing birthdays in the same week as myself and an annual “sisters week-end” that even adds to the fun. Let’s go, girl! Bernice


  4. Hope you have a great b’day season. I like the idea, but I don’t think I could convince anyone to give me presents for a whole season!

    We celebrate birthdays and unbirthdays. Born one day (and several years) apart, we start wishing happy unbirthday the day before, (“Happy Unbthday, Unbirthday Boy” — husband’s b’day is first.) Then, of course, it’s “Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy,” and I get wished “Happy Unbirthay, Unbirthday Girl.” At midnight, the greetings shift: hubby is the unbirthday boy, while I’m the birthday girl. At midnight on my birthday, we wish each other happy unbirthday.
    No wheres as neat as your birthday season; chocolate donuts for breakfast, etc.
    We once shared a house with someone whose birthday was within the same week, and we still celebrate birthday week when you can eat as you please. We have our special b’day dishes (quiche, lasgna, pizza — all home made and not all on the same night, lol) with desserts (used to be home-made, now bakery bought or quick prep).Usually plan something special for the week: a nice walk in the country; a trip to the city; getting particular movies to watch.
    So, happy unbirthday, Judith!


  5. I LOVE this!! We have always celebrated “birthday week”, a full week, including a weekend where the birthday girl/boy got anything they wanted. Pizza for breakfast?
    Pancakes for dinner? Your week to control the remote too. But I love this birthday season thing!!! My next birthday I will be 58 (scary) but that means I get 58 days of anything I want!! YAY!!

    Happy birthday season to you my friend Judith!


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