Contest! What’s New? Haiku!

Haiku:  Three line poem

Line 1 – 5 syllables

Line 2 – 7 syllables

Line 3 – 5 syllables


My Haiku about Haikus
Haiku is easy
go ahead and jump right in
There’s no need to rhyme

My haiku about feet
All ten of my  toes
are connected to my feet
they wiggle, it’s neat

My haiku about Love
How about a kiss
using both your luscious lips
yes, smack it to me!


A Hypnotic Healing CD, worth $20,  or

One of Max’s Green stuffed Dogs

YOUR choice.

A winner in each category!

Here are the 3 categories:
  1. A body part, that is legal when visible in public.
  2. Max
  3. “Surprise me”,  your choice of topic


  • You must be a subscriber to this blog.  It’s easy, just click on e-mail subscriptions (top of sidebar) or RSS (in the Header)
  • You may enter as many Haikus as you like in each category.
  • A different winner in each category, even if you think your Haiku is the best in more than one category.
That means three of you at a minimum will win!
How do you beat those odds considering only 3 people at the most ever leave comments.
  • Winning entries will be decided on a whim by Judy and will not necessarily reflect the opinions of WordPress nor the vagaries of literary criticism.
  • Write your Haiku(s) in the comments section of this post.
  • Closing deadline:  February 12th, the last day of my Unbirthday.
Your fingers to count
syllables five, seven, five
Not cheating to use

You’ve nothing to lose
Sending your haikus to me
So  easy, you’ll see


24 comments on “Contest! What’s New? Haiku!

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  2. I got to try because I want a prize!

    My eyes scream loud
    “I want some eye cream right now!”
    Is that important?

    Max what’s the secret
    of a cool and fun human?
    Don’t tell me it’s you?

    I am so surprised
    I want that green stuff dog
    And the CD too!

    Thanks Judy and Max
    This may not sound like haiku
    I still don’t know.


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  4. First haiku since grade school

    unbirthday to you
    means celebrate to me
    gifts, wishes, candles

    It may not be a proper haiku, and it was difficult to write without rhyming and keeping with the rhythm. Great idea!


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