Reasons Dogs Bite Their Max

Dear ALL My New Best Friends,

I want you to see this so that you never, ever subject your animal to public humiliation.  Look at the incredibly sad expressions.  Look at the pain in their eyes as proof of what we put up with to humor you.  Talk about unconditional love . . .

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Dear My Best Friend Aunt Joyce,

I’m so glad you sent me these pictures so I could have a reason to blog.  My human limits me, you know.

Lickingly LLLLLLLL,


P.S. What do YOUR animal best friends say about this?

4 comments on “Reasons Dogs Bite Their Max

  1. Dear Max, one time my mom put me in a butler costume and had a dinner party and I greeted everyone. Only good part is that I got a treat everytime someone arrived. Love Trixie


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