Make Max Happy with a Secret-Inside Valentine

Dear All My Best Friends,

I’m so disappointed.  My Human should tell you to put doggie treats inside the valentine and make sure the paste is edible.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about it proves you didn’t read my article What to Send ME MAX for Valentines Day.



You’ll now see why I’m so disappointed in my Humans Tutorial – my comments are in blue

At the last First Friday we made Secret-Inside Valentines.  In case you weren’t able to come, especially for those of you whose plane flight was cancelled because of weather or you weren’t able to dig your car out,  (I dig for treats) here’s how!

Secret Inside Valentine

Suggested Stuff
• Colored Paper or Printed Paper OR
• White paper, painted
• Heart shape
• Scissors
• Paper Towels OR Colored Tissue Paper
• Acrylic Craft Paint
• Staples or glue or needle and thread

  • Small valentine candy pieces (optional)  (Doggie Treats are NOT OPTIONAL)

Pre Prep Preparation – Paper Towel Ruffle

Paint Squirted Paper Towel

Wadded & Wet

Unfold Paper Towel and Dry

1. Squirt 1- 2 paint colors onto one paper towel – try out different colors

2. Layer one towel on each side of paint smeared paper towel.
3. Wet paper towels and smush into a ball
4. Take apart towels and hang to dry

(If you want the less messy, less fun, more expensive route use colored tissue paper instead)

Write a secret message on a slip of paper, smaller than the valentine  (Skip the secret message part and get right to the treats)

HowToDo Valentine

Paint Squirted with Credit Card Scrapper in between

Swipe and Wipe Paint with credit card

Glue Strips of Towel or Tissue to Inside of one heart

1. Cut out 2 identical heart shapes
2. Decorate one side of each heart shape. Paint, Doodle,  Glitter – Glam it up!
3. Tear the dried paper towel or tissue paper into strips
4. Paste strips around the entire perimeter of the inside of one heart
5. Lay secret message and/or candy on the inside of this heart. (Here we go again . . .put doggie treats inside!)
6. Lay the second heart on top of this – inside – to inside. Create a “sandwich” with the secret message inside.
7. Join the front and back hearts using staples or glue or sew around the edge. (Do NOT use staples or sew!- edible glue ONLY please)

You secret message is sandwiched between the front and back hearts. (How many times do I have to remind you?  Skip the secret message and stuff with doggie treats)

Give your Secret-Inside Valentine to your Secret Valentine !

Remember to send it to me c/o Sweetie Girl Judy.

I will LOVE U even more than I already do.

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