Glumfish and Me

Every heard of a Glumfish?  Neither had I.

The word “Glumfish”  is from Salman Rusdhie’s Haroun and the Sea of Stories where the story begins with a super sad city that had forgotten its name and had a mournful sea full of glumfish, which were so miserable to eat that they made people belch with melancholy”.

I love the name – GLUMFISH  – I find it to be quite poetic given my current state of  “fibro-glum”.

Wondering what a Glumfish might look like I did some  Glumfish BLOB-Pictures.

1. Took cheapie water-colors and wet a blob on the paper and droped LOTS of watercolor on the water blob and let it spread and dry.

watercolor blobs

2.  Turned the paper blobs round and round till

I “saw” a Gumfish shape and

outlined it with marker.  Added some glum eyes and mouths.

3.  Cut them out and put them on a piece of tissue paper.

4. Decided my Glumfish needed an aquarium.  Found some tissue paper, added some sea-weed.  Decided not to paste my glumfish down.  They need to swim freely and not be STUCK.

It’s ok to be glum, just not stuck.

15 comments on “Glumfish and Me

  1. I love the red Glumfish on the bottom of the tank…and especially those bewildered little orange ones to the left and above him.
    Mo and Tootsei and Bootsie.


  2. Glum-Max-Fish !!! What about that Max? You’re still right in the Center, but I do agree with your Auntie Laurie, this is a great idea!!!!! ~ ♥ Linda


  3. Oh Glumfish, you are pretty in your own light. But, I hope you free your person of her fibro flare. We understand that you do not try and create harm and sadness. We need to live with sadness and happiness, appreciating the absence of sadness all the more when we feel happy. Laurie F.


    • Dear My Best Friend Laurie F.
      I read what you said to the GlumFish. They’d like it that you understand how GlumFish are under appreciated and misunderstood. That’s a reason they are so glum.


  4. I love your glumfish. Hope that by letting them loose in their aquarium, they let go of you! A fibro flare is glumfish to the maxx!
    I’d never heard of them before, and love the quote.


    • Dear My Best Friend Lorraine,
      Your reply was a bit more tempered than my Aunt Laurie’s. Thank your for keeping to the OBVIOUS point of the post, recognizing me, MAXX and not getting carried away.


  5. Judy, you may have started a ‘new’ trend! I can see glumfish stuffed animals, art for kids rooms, t shirts! Forget therapy!! It’s a great idea. Love Laurie


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