Blob Fish, I’m Psychic!


I made what I called Blob Fish Pictures of Glum Fish. Totally a figment of my imagination – OR SO I THOUGHT.  Today, out of curiosity I googled Glum Fish and this is what appeared!  An Honest-to- Goodness, REAL BLOB FISH that looks just like 2 of my imaginary  GlumFish!

Here are the facts about the REAL Blob Fish:

“These sad-looking creatures, which grow up to lengths of 12 inches, live at depths of 900 m.
They spend most of their time gently floating around waiting for food to pass in front of them (sounds like quite a nice, peaceful life!)
Because they live so far from the sea surface they’re not often seen by humans. (Often my wish when I’m tired)

My blob fish GLUMFISH!



The Blob fish is comprised of a gelatinous substance, they actually have no muscles at all and they just float in the same spot most of the time waiting for their next meal.

The main diet of the Blob fish is sea urchins and mollusks. (Sushi) The Blob fish will literally float in place waiting for a meal to come by with little or no effort exerted in hunting prey, this leads to  in-frequent meals (not sounding as good as I thought) which works fine for the Blob fish as sustenance isn’t needed in a large level as the Blob fish devotes almost of its time to floating stationary. Its because of this behavior that the Blob fish has been branded ‘lazy’. (sounds like patience and deep faith to me)

The female Blob fish lays thousands of eggs at once (that could hurt) and unlike a lot of fish the Blob fish will actually stay with her eggs, floating above as usual, in some cases literally sitting on the eggs. The Blob fish nesting habits are interesting as it’s not uncommon to find groups of Blob fish nesting together with one female’s eggs right next to another females.  (Unknown paternity?) It’s not known whether this behavior is strategic or whether it is just a result of their ‘lazy’ (calm and collected) nature.

When under water the Blob fish has a comical, almost (ALMOST!?) human looking face however, if taken out of water the Blob fish will die after a short while and is gelatinous body will dry out and shrivel. (sounds like cellulite)

Increasing levels of deep-sea fishing in Australia and Tasmania for crab and lobster mean that the sulky sea-dwellers are being dragged up with other catches in increasing numbers.
These gelatinous masses may not be much to look at, but the world would be a less interesting place without them,  so let’s hope the Australians don’t kill them off.

BlobFish remind you of anyone you know?

9 comments on “Blob Fish, I’m Psychic!

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  2. I think he looks like Ziggy ~ Maybe he’s Blobzig?
    He’s so unfortunate looking, he’s cute. Even a Blobzig needs love ~ ♥


  3. I think I went to High School with Blob Fish, or it might have been Blobert Fish. Didn’t someone once say that reality emanates from our imagination.


  4. My Goodness Gracious! I have never seen anything so weird looking in my life. Could you imagine the poor fisherman that caught that in his nets? The unfortunate creature…no wonder he lives at the bottom of the sea. I’m afraid I will have nightmares of this blob fish.

    Only you could come up with something like this Judy!!



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