It’s ALL about ME! I am Fantastic! MeMeTastic Award!

I received the MeMetastic blog award from Maureen of the “MoMoTastic” Blog:

Now that I’ve received the award I must do a few things to prove I merit the award:

  1. Proudly display the award in a post.
  2. List 5 things about myself  and 4 of the 5 must be BOLD FACE LIES. (your readers must guess which one is the truth)
  3. Pass this prestigious award on, to 5 deserving bloggers.
Here are my 5 stories. You have to figure out which one and ONLY ONE is completely truthful.

1. When I turned 21 my Mother told me that I  was adopted and that my bio Mother was a famous Movie star who had me out of wed-lock and wasn’t allowed to keep me because she would not be able to get roles if the public knew she had a child.  My mother helped me blackmail my bio-movie-star mother for a lot of money.  We used the money wisely, buying a new house, new cars, new wardrobe, vacation cottage on the shore, 3 trips abroad, tummy tucks, and war bonds.  To this day I do not have to work – I work by choice – because I have enough money to live lavishly for the rest of my life.  My bio mother is so grateful that I never, to THIS day, divulged who she is that she now voluntarily supports me.  I am very grateful she gave me away.

2.  I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature.  I turned down a full scholarship to attend Yale as a Masters/Ph.D. candidate in Medieval Literature because I was young and stupid.  Now I’m old and stupid because I would do the same thing again because I find Chaucer boring and it snows in Connecticut. I have always regretted that I didn’t follow in my bio-Movie-Star Mother’s footsteps and study drama instead of English Literature so I could be a movie star. I could have been Meryl Streep.

3.  Following in my bio-Movie Star-Mother’s footsteps and 3-upping her, I have 3 illegitimate children who are now very famous.  I gave them away so they would have a better life than I could provide as a single, promiscuous mother.  My first child is a famous movie star who looks just like me and my bio-Movie Star Mother.  My second child is a famous opera singer who sings like a bird, just like me.  My third child is a famous physicist who thinks just like me.  They are very grateful I gave them away.

4.  Max is not my dog. Originally He was a fictitious marketing strategy. I borrowed him from our next door neighbor to take pictures of him when people  began to believe he was real.  I do not have any pets because I do not like to clean up their poop.   Max’s real name is Homer and not only is he illegitimate, he is illiterate.  All of the posts and comments from “Max” are written by a ghost writer named Rover.  I am ashamed to admit this but am also relieved that the truth is finally out.  And my neighbor can no longer blackmail me to support her with the money I get from my bio-movie-star Mother.

5. My bio-Movie-Star Mother set me up in show business in college hoping I wouldn’t blackmail her.  I started out as a go-go dancer and got gigs dancing GO-Go with the Grateful Dead, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Moby Grape and at the first “Trips Festival” (produced by the famous Bill Graham) at the wharf in San Francisco.  There were three of us Go-Goes and we called ourselves Go-Go Unlimited. We advertised in a San Francisco paper and couldn’t figure out why we kept getting calls from men who wanted us to dance in their hotel rooms.  We decided to turn down the hotel room gigs because we wanted larger venues. We made $50 an hour each which was a lot of money in the 60’s.  I regret to this day that I didn’t continue dancing because I would be a lot thinner and in much better shape than I am now.

And NOW, TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s your TURN.

1.  Guess which one is the only one that is completely truthful, well, maybe not COMPLETELY OR
2.  Guess which one I WISH was completely truthful   OR
3.  Guess which one is YOUR fantasy

Leave your guess in a comment.  In a few days I will make a new post, and reveal who is right.

And NOW, TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!These are the 5 blogs (included in my favorites) I have chosen to pass on the award.  Guess WHY:

1.  These Bloggers are the best liars I know.
2.  These Bloggers are too truthful and need to learn how to fantasize
3.  These bloggers are bored and have nothing better to do

(You can visit the MeMetastic Hop to see  the list of recipients of this FANTASTIC award)

IS THIS AN HONOR . . . . or what?

18 thoughts on “It’s ALL about ME! I am Fantastic! MeMeTastic Award!

  1. Hi! Here from the A to Z challenge.

    Had to comment, firstly because my wife and I are owned by a Max (ours is called Isabel) and secondly because I’m a sucker for these “Knights and Knaves” type problems.

    Having fed all the information into my Gravometric Unit for Engineering Simple Solutions (G.U.E.S.S., patent pending thank you very much), I guess the second one is T.R.U.E.


    1. Dear my NEW best friend MOJO!
      You need to talk to my human and explain to her that I OWN HER. You’d think after 12 years together she would get it buy now . . . My Human is cute but not very bright.
      Isabel is my kinda gal. Can she send me a picture for my blog page?


  2. I’m loving your blog and the comments you’re getting are too fun! It appears that you have on heck of a following. They’re all so sweet!!

    I’m stopping in to welcome you to the A to Z blogging challenge. I do hope you’ll stop by and say hello! We’re also having fun on twitter (I’m @jenunedited and we’re at #atozchallenge)!


    1. Dear Jen,
      I WILL stop by to say hello as SOON as I can do internet from the comforts of my home. My phone land line has been down for 8 days now (but who’s counting) and I can’t get internet reception. I’m at Starbucks!
      P.S. I’m going to get caught up with the A to Z Blogging challenge!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. You graduated Magna Cum Laude and a daughter of a movie star? That explains why you are so smart and yes you do look like Meryl Streep! Who’s her mother? Mama Mia!


  4. I have to recuse myself, as I am acutally the 4th illegimiate child (not-so-famous but now you know one of not-so-true stories) and I know which one is true. Boy, can Mom make up a tale – she told me my Dad was a famous astronaut/physicist/movie star/doctor/pro quarterback!


  5. Well Judy, I picked you because I know you are creative…but my goodness…you outdid yourself! It can only be #2, but the other stories are so wild knowing you…they all could be true!

    Can’t waait to here what is the truth!



  6. Sadly, I think #4 is the truth. We can’t have pets (allergies) and are often adopted by neighbour’s dogs. I’ll keep the fantasy of Max cuz I think he’s cute and intelligent just like me 😉


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