How to Turn a Professional into a Person

Totally caught off-guard, I was tearfully surprised!

Delicious cookies were mixed on the table with paint and glue and paintings of chronic conditions-love and healing.

Sitting around the table were 6 incredible women, all with their own fear, pain and hope.  It was the last of 8 meetings of the Purposely Positive Support Group/Workshop for people with life-altering medical conditions.

And the sneaky little group  surprised me with love.  A HUGE 22 x 16 framed Thank you picture with messages from each that were so warm and touching I couldn’t hold back the tears.

Hey, I tried.  After all I’m a Professional (note the capital “P”).  I’m a psychotherapist (note the small “p”)  Everyone else is supposed to have feelings.  I am TRAINED to remain calm but curious, engaging but not engaged and humane but not human.

I blew it.  My well-trained psyche collapsed under the weight of love.  Theirs and Mine.

In alphabetical order:

Cindi, Cory, Fariba, Lori, Nancy, Theresa –  back at you.

7 comments on “How to Turn a Professional into a Person

    • Kate,
      Thanks for the inquiry. The SupportGROUPshop is a combination of support group and workshop. It’s called Purposely Positive as the focus is moving toward a better life WITH the Life Altering Illness.
      What we do at each meeting is varied. What I will do is explain it in more detail on a post so everyone who has inquired has a better sense.


  1. No wonder they gave you cookies and a card: you are a very special psychotherapist, professional, person! And, as such you are allowed to feel emotions.

    The students in the first summer school course I taught (as a full-fledged instructor, not teaching assistant) took me out for beer and gave me two pairs of earrings. I lost it; and it wasn’t just the beer! We are allowed to be touched by gestures, both small and large, from our students/clients.

    You definitely deserved your card and cookies!


  2. Judy, You touch so many hearts! The world is a better place because of your professionalism, your caring and your humanity. Thank you for sharing yourself and your work with us on your blog.
    Hugs, Melinda


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