9 comments on “Reasons Why You Should Always Carry a Camera

  1. I’d like to see Max and the squirrel play chase. It’s nice you let the squirrels win, Max! They can get snippy-snappy if they lose! I know, I’ve played chase with squirrels many times!


    • Dear My Best Friend Lorraine,
      Snippy-snappy! That’s the word I was looking for. . . snippy-snappy. I’m going to tell my Human not to be so snippy-snappy. I’ll tell her you told me.


  2. Me again…Loved the pics, am sending them along to DD
    Dogs AND cats have filled our lives for many MANY years, and when we move from this condo we plan to have them again. Dd just finished a lab (TYNAN) for some friends so he now has his Canadian Champion title (family was involved in showing since 1960).
    Hugs to Max.


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