I Ain’t No Fool Day, Commentary by Max

Dear ALL My Best Friends,

You human’s have no shame and warped senses of humor.   We’d be fed up with you if we weren’t fed by you.

On April 1st for “fun” you play terrible jokes on each other, too terrible to mention.


On the other paw, We understand that you have many limitations (as evidenced by the fact that you are not easily trainable) and do the best you can.

Ozzy & Duffy

I propose that April 1st from here on be declared


I Ain’t No Fool Day.

Here are the 3 rules for I Ain’t No Fool Day

  1. Only Humane acts of loving-kindness are allowed. NOTHING CRUEL or MISLEADING.
  2. You are to spread love.  If you aren’t sure how to do this anymore watch us.
  3. You are to be grateful that we know how to give and receive love (and continually model it for you hoping you will catch on) by rewarding us profusely with our favorite treats.
  1. Lily


Mr H



The Max

P.S.  We’re waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiting for #3

4 comments on “I Ain’t No Fool Day, Commentary by Max

  1. Oh boy Max, my picture is on your blog….I am so pleased. My mom payed na April fools joke on my dad..told him his shirt was torn and he believed it! Monm jumped up and down laughing. How lame is that. I did get a treat! xo Love Trixie


    • Trixie,
      Please have your Human contact me. She needs help. I am starting a AFA group. It’s only 3 steps (please see my blog post for the 3 rules).
      Sniffingly yours,
      P.S. I’m glad you liked your blog picture. Tell your Human to fix her blog so you can have your pictures there anytime you want.


  2. Your human should get the animal translator app from Google. It was their human trick last year in the UK. I just found out about it this year. Like most humans, I am slow. It takes a while for stuff to sink in. Maybe by next No Fool’s Day, I’ll have it figured out.
    btw (by the way?), you have really good looking friends! No wonder you shared their pix!


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