P is for Phylorpedia* & JudyBits, morsels of nothing

Timbits, chocolate and honey-dipped

The “bit” in the word Timbit is an acronym for Big In Taste, It is also a play on the word “tidbit” (a delicate bit or morsel of food).

From Phlorpedia, the free Encyclopedia-Canadiapedia*
“In Canada, donut holes are called Tim Bits and come in all the flavours of regular donuts, including jelly filled.

Tim Horton was a hockey player in the National Hockey League (big stuff in Canada). After he retired, he either bought or inherited a coffee store. Eventually, it grew like Dunkin Donuts. 

They have this great marketing tool called “rrroll up the rim.” They use paper coffee cups so each one could be a winner. And, of course, better for the environment in terms of a paper coffee cup versus standard styrofoam.”

JudyBit:  If Donut holes are TimBits and are BIG In Taste THEN:

  • Black holes are BlackBits, Big in Time
  • Wholesome holes  are WholeBits and SomeBits,  Big in Tofu or Big in Taste (take your pick, er Bit)
  • Holy holes  are HolyBits, Big in Theology
  • Hidy Hey Hidy Holes are HidyBits,  big in Tempo

 If Bits are Big in Taste  &  Holes = Nothing then:

 JudyBits are  Big In Trivia which amounts to a delicate morsel of Nothing

(Sometimes she is Jelly filled)

*Phylorpedia contains a wealth of information of things you didn’t even know you wanted to know until Phylor, aka Lorraine, makes an intelligent comment on this blog about some JudyBit.


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23 thoughts on “P is for Phylorpedia* & JudyBits, morsels of nothing

  1. This is all really weird. My husband who is working in Buffalo ( it seems like forever) just told me yesterday about a place called Tim Horton’s. See, we are all connected. The world is good on this sunny day but I must sadly report, the carrot cake was terrible.
    Love to all, Laurie F.


  2. Apparently I am not the only person whose life has been touched by the kind & thoughtful Phylor. I’m a big fan. And of course, I’m a big fan of Max. LLLLlllllllll.


      • Dear Max,
        It is so nice to have a new best friend. Thank you! May I add you to my blogroll? I figure you’re the real boss, so I’m asking you, not Judith (but don’t tell her I said that).

        I enjoy both of you so much.


        • Dear my new best friend Jane,
          You are very very smart and very very discerning. I am the boss. The blog is called CreativitytotheMAX, not creativitytotheJudy. I try to let my Human think that she has a bit of control otherwise she gets cranky.
          I’ve already put you on my blogroll so please put me on yours. I am trying to be as famous as possible so I get the respect I deserve from my Humans.
          P.S. Your husband can be my best friend too, if he wants.


  3. My husband is Canadian AND his name is Tim AND he loves hockey AND will eat no other donut than Tim Horton’s so I especially enjoyed this post. Thanks for the smile after a very long and migraine-filled week.


    • Oh my gosh Carol!!!
      Now that’s what I call synchronicity! (actually that’s what Carl Jung called it . . . I just am repeating it so it sounds like I know what I’m talking about). I had NEVER heard of Timbits or Tim Horton until Lorraine wrote in response to my “K is Kwerky” post. So since Lorraine is Canadian and your Husband Tim is Canadian and they both like TimBits I think that I should celebrate their heritage and eat 2 donuts tomorrow in their honor. However, since there are no Tim Horton’s in southern California I shall not defile Tim and Lorraine’s common bond. I will eat 2 giant cinnabons and lament TimBits.
      I do so hope your migraine is better. I used to have very bad migraines but since menopause I get very mild ones that are more of a nuisance than debilitating.


        • Dear my best friend Lorraine,
          Please forgive me for taking so long to answer you. When my human is a bit overwhelmed I have to spend my time comforting her and neglecting my best friends. such is the life of a dog.
          Now for t-bits. I would like chicken-liver Tim-bits, gravy glazed Tim-bits and cinnabon cinnabons, Please let me know which flavour is the tastiest. Is Tim a dog too?


    • Hi Carol: I’m sure you know all about the RRRRoll up the Rim contest — I never won more than a donut or cookie, but friends know folks who won big — even a van!
      There are Tim Hortons in New York City, now — storefronts, only. I was treking back to take the subway after being to the Metropolotian Museum a while ago, and saw a woman walking by with with sure looked like a Tim Horton’s Iced Cap cup. I though, “Timmie’s in NYC: no way!” But, sure enough, a little further on, there was the TH storefront store, festoned with balloons as it was openning week. The place was packed, so I didn’t stop in that trip. I have since brought home TH products to compare the American with the Canadian version. Now that most TH products aren’t made in individual stores they way they once were, it’s easier to do a cross-bounder taste test (not on the same day, however, unless you’re a fast traveller!)
      Thanks for mentioning your hubby’s TH connection!


      • Now that you mention it, Tim (my husband) told me a while ago that an American company had bought TH … Wendy’s? Can’t remember. He has been waiting for it to show up in DC. As for cinnabons, I found a recipe for a home-made version on the web that was DELICIOUS. I had to wait until the second day to eat one (you know, the fresh yeast bread restriction), and it was still really good. Plus, those buns made me very popular with a few of my friends.


        • I’d love the recipe too. While I will probably never make it (hubby used to do all the bread baking for us), I can drool over the computer screen, or paper when I print it out!
          No cinnabons where I’m right now!


  4. I AM GOOD (almost wrote FOOD by Freudian mistake). I knew when I read the first two lines that my good (may I say dearest) friend Phy, aka Phylor or Lorraine had written that. I know her distinct style. I know she and I love honey on toast with butter and cheddar.and did you say jelly, as in jelly donuts, jelly on pizza, on scrambled eggs? Ah yes, it must be me, Laurie F. Here is my haiku for the week:

    Sunlit, Amber Food
    Honey Licks My Face With Love
    Smiles To Green Eyes, Lips


  5. My dearest Max (Hope you don’t mind if I called you deariest)
    I’ll send something that is very lickable like cinamon-sugar (don’t know if they make that kind any more) or icing-sugar coated and jelly-filled tim-bits. I’ll address the package to you, so you can lick off the sugar before the humans come home. It will be our “little bit” of a secret.
    Tim Horton would be proud!


    • Dear my best friend Lorraine,
      No, I don’t mind if you call me dearest. At least that’s a bit more erudite than Sweetie Dog which is what my Human calls me. It’s humiliating when she does it in public. ( I pretend not to hear)
      OOOOOOOOO, cinnamon-sugar. Once I ate a cinnamon cookie off the table and it was sooooooooooooo good. (don’t tell my Human, it’s our “secret-bit”, ok?)
      You are so good to me. I am glad you aren’t a figment of my imagination.
      Max, the dearest


  6. I am often jelly-filled,chocolate-dipped, or icing-sugared. I’ll send along a box of Tim-bits and Judy-jits and Max-bites (he doesn’t really; but I do if I don’t get my caffeine & sugar-fix).


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