T is for Tongue, Your Miracle Muscle

Your tongue is the ONLY muscle in your body that is attached at only one end.  

Thank goodness!  Can you imagine how hard it would be to:

  • Make chewing gum snap
  • Lick your lips
  • French kiss
  • Remove “stuff” from between your teeth in public
  • Lick lollipops
  • Give someone a “lickn”
  • Say something tongue-in-cheek
  • Say “th th th that’s all folks”

Believe it or not!
The giraffe can extend its 18 inch tongue to clean off bugs from its face or to feed. The specially adapted tongue is extremely tough to cope with the vicious tree thorns that are part of the giraffe’s diet. 

The giant anteater’s, tongue can reach two feet in length! The anteater coats its tongue in sticky saliva during feeding, allowing it to ensnare ants, and can rapidly flick its tongue from its mouth up to 150 times per minute!
After breaking into insect colonies and tree trunks using their long sharp claws, anteaters employ their tongues to collect eggs, larvae and adult insects, a few thousand of which they can guzzle in just minutes.

 “th th th that’s all folks”

Thanks to Rose for th th the inspiration for th th this tongue post!


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