A = Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder

I think I remember I forgot to write a post for “A” in the Blogging Challenge A – Z

And just in case I forgot the letter “D” this will satisfy that too.

Thanks Joyce for the video,  if it was you who sent it to me.

 If you weren’t the one who sent it “Thank you” to whomever sent it to me.

 If no one sent it and I found it myself then forget it.

9 comments on “A = Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder

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  3. And, I just thought I had bad short term memory — now I know I have a medical condition. Just like Jane and Becca, that so describes my day!
    I spend half of it looking for stuff, the other half hiding/misplacing the stuff I’m looking for. Like I know I turned the computer back on this evening for some reason . . . . (synchronicity or serendipity?)


  4. Oh my gosh. This is me! When did somebody follow me around the house with a camera? I don’t remember this. At least now I know where to look for those keys.

    But seriously, in the past two weeks, I have lost: my wedding ring, my keys, and a tooth. The tooth was a front crown that popped off and I was using fixodent to hold it when I left the house. Never found the crown or the keys. My wedding ring was hiding right where it belongs, with all my other rings. No wonder I couldn’t find it.


  5. ROFLOL … this is ME ME ME!!!! And my husband wonders why I can’t tell him what I did during the day, and nothing looks like it has gotten accomplished – in fact, it looks worse than earlier! How can that be? I ask myself!!!

    Congrats on your: Excellent Poet of National Poetry Month Award. If you haven’t seen it, it can be found – http://promisingpoetscafe.wordpress.com/2011/04/20/wow-you-made-it-outstanding-poet-of-napowrimoawards-r-out/. I am sure, Max will be delighted to retrieve it for you!!! 😀


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