I’m an Un-Cola, Getting Re-Fizzed

I’ve been an Un-cola, a bit colorless without the fizz.  In a taste test I’d be described as flat.

Been un-blogging for a few days.  Still un-sleeping.  A bit un-der the weather.

Today I got a bit of my carbonation back!  Attended an all day journal technique workshop taught by Jane LaFazio. JaneVille.blogspot.com Discovered her through the SketchBook Challenge Blog I wrote about a few months back.

Fun!  It was FUN!  I was covered in paint and gesso, paper all over the floor creating a BIG BOOK

It’s hard to see but here are some of the preliminary pages that are still in progress.  I’m going back tomorrow for a workshop in lettering!

Painting, cutting, pasting

Stamping, spraying, doodling, "collaging"

BIG Book, spilling over the table

I’ll be adding some of these fun techniques to my Therapeutic Creative Expression workshops.

Stay tuned while I get more of the Pause that Refreshes!

11 comments on “I’m an Un-Cola, Getting Re-Fizzed

  1. I assume that you got your birthday/Valentine’s day card and your necklace the second time around?! Hope the fizz stays with you!! Sorry the antihistamine I recommended didn’t help and hope something turns up soon.



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