Oh, My Word!

The FREE bag . .

I sent my Human to some Creative Expression to reduce her stress  It worked.  Since she’s returned I’ve gotten many more doggie treats than ever.

I do have some observations though.

The first day She got a bag for attending. She was all excited that she got a FREE bag and then sloshed paint all over the bag as soon as she got home.

FREE?? I think the paint smells got to her since the workshops cost money, used up a tank of gas,  paid for parking and for two days didn’t see any clients . . . .

Next day I sent her to a “Lettering” workshop called Oh My Word.  All she had to show for it was this teeny little handmade practice booklet and (here we go again) a bag of “FREE” Faber Castell lettering pens which she’s been carrying around with her like a bag of gold.

I should have sent her to a SPELLING workshop

Shaking my head in disbelief

I wish for walks in the park, dream of cookies and believe my Human is losing it.

Complicating Simplicity

Oh, my word, Here Come More doggie treats!  Gotta look up another creative workshop to send her to . . . If you know of any let me know ASAP to keep those cookies comin’.  (She stresses out very quickly).

Her intension is definitely In TENSION

9 comments on “Oh, My Word!

  1. Max,
    Think of the extra treats you are getting and how happy your human must be feeling with all these workshops and free bags. More free bags = more cookies for you! Work it Max, I know you can do it. Love, Laurie F.


  2. Max:
    I’d send her to any workshop you can find that folks come out of smiling — with humans that can be a good sign.
    Since I don’t live in California, Max, I can’t recommend a good workshop, but I’m sure if you went on line you would fine one.
    I think your human could take a calligraphy course to top off her Faber Castel writing pens, if she hasn’t already. She’d learn different fonts, their history, the modern scribe, etc. And, after that, a course on how to illuminate manuscripts with paint, real gold leaf, etc.
    Then she can produce simplified complexitites in book form. And, if you fetch the proper nib, ink, or paper, there is bound to be treats invovled.
    Your human is off to a great start: I suggest one workshop a month or two.
    And, now, I have to check out those writing pens! See how they compare to my calligraphy markers — I’ve been cheating and using markers. Need to get back to the nib and ink system, even if it is a fountain pen with a calligraphic nib. Used to do the dip in ink, different nibs for different fonts. Found some of my old work the other day — I used to be half-ways decent at it at times! But that was over 20 years ago!


    • Hey My Best Friend Lorraine,
      My human said she did it all with Faber Castel Caligraphy pens and it was her first time. Said the pen did all the work. That’s my Human for you. She’s not into work these days.
      Lickingly, LLLLLLLLLLLL
      P.S. You and Nancy P. should meet!


  3. 2011 winner…TED


    Amazingly inspirational for me to know this guy
    exists doing these things. watch jr’s wish….took
    a while to load.

    I do street photography for a hobby and I can’t
    tell you how the interaction between me and the subject
    changes both of us…that moment. I live in a small community, so I often see them again and we connect, again
    by a nod, a smile and conversation. I can never go back
    photographing landscape, buildings, unless something is happening with people.



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