Move Over Butterfly Fish

Random blobs of water color

If you’ve been following my blog you know that fish posts have been good to me in blogland – Butterfly Fish, Glum Fish – I decided to honor them with a picture (and it amuses me).   Easy, Fun and anyone can do it.  

  • Took a child’s watercolor set  (I didn’t take it from a child – it’s my own child’s watercolor set I bought for $1)
  • Wet the paper with water in a random pattern.  (I used a brush but a make-up sponge or q-tip will work)
  • Put some red, orange and yellow watercolor on top of the wet paper and just let it flow.
  • Put some more red, orange and yellow watercolor on top again and let it flow.
  • After it dried I kept turning the paper around and around looking for my fish.

    Rotating the rotate


And there they were!
Took a fine line sharpie and outlined the little suckers (no complaints so I continued)
Gave them eyes so they could see what’s happening.
  • Took out my markers, colored pencils and started putting color on top of color
  • Then I doodled.  They didn’t seem to mind sooooo

The big guy doesn't look too happy with my doodle.

  • I doodled some more.
Lucky for them I’m doodled out today so they have time to acclimate to their current finery.  Can’t decide what to call each of them?  I think they are related to the Butterfly Fish, cousins several times removed.

MORE doodling

She's obviously easily amused . . .

9 comments on “Move Over Butterfly Fish

  1. This is a great project for those of us who love to explore our (almost nonexistant) artistic talent. Thanks for the idea and for sharing. It feels like a fun AND therapeutic activity.


  2. Great idea, love the colors and designs. Just not sure it would work as well for my fan favorite blog post: Calling Epiglottitis A Bitch Is A Vast Understatement. Any ideas? Love, Laurie F.


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