A Hug A Day Keeps Indifference at Bay

Dear All my Best Friends,

My human showed this video to me after she saw it on  the  Sunshine and Chaos blog.  The title ” Caturday Cuddles” (posted on Saturday – get it?) was much more clever than my Human’s Title.  (Her titles tend to be rather preachy, I find. – don’t tell her I said that)


This is one of the reasons I want my own kitty-cat.



9 comments on “A Hug A Day Keeps Indifference at Bay

  1. Max: Hugs are any treat flavo(u)r you like! Sending you salmon and blueberry hugs right now; pass some along to your human. Good luck getting your own cat; what kind are your looking for? Russian Blues and Maine Coon cats are great breeds.
    All our anamules are “stuffed;” we feed them too much! I’ll post a picture of the menagerie some day. We are both allergic so cats are not an option.


    • Dear my best friend Lorraine,
      I’ll take some hugs from you any time. I can tell that you are a good hugger
      P.S. I despair of ever getting my very own cat unless I can convince the little black one who roams around outside that it is much too dangerous with all the coyotes licking their lips and it should come inside to my house where it’s “safe”


  2. Hi Max,

    I grew up having cats as pets (my Mom’s choice) and I have had cats as pets while pretending to be an adult. I think having a kitty-cat would compliment the awesomeness that is you.

    Please say Hi! to your human and let her know I saw the comments. I’ve been staying away from the computer, again, to try and get the wrist to heal some more.

    And, as always,

    Hugs, kisses and cuddles to you.



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