Update by Max

Dear ALL my best friends,

Since my Human has been toooooooo poooooooooped tooooooooo pop I thought I had better let you know all the important things that have happened.  Here’s my update:

  1.  I was taken to the Vet today!  I got tricked.  I was told we were going for a ride.  Well, I got taken for a ride.  I DO NOT like that place.   I don’t trust anyone in that office.  I was very upset.  You see I had a staph infection a few weeks ago and they were checking up to make sure it’s all gone BUT NO ONE told me that was all they were doing.  One time I got left there for several days and it was a very harrowing experience.  I did get to have a few treats and a walk afterwards because my Human felt guilty for tricking me.  She SHOULD.
  2. My Human got some sleep last night!!!!!! I’m so relieved because she’s been disturbing MY sleep every night and I need my sleep.  I always sleep through the night and NEVER disturb my humans with coughing and snorting . . .  enough said.
  3. My human Judy’s new studio is at a standstill because my Human Dave has a sore elbow.  My human’s are falling apart right in front of my eyes.
  4. My human is working on a new workshop with her friend Laurie Miller. www.hypnosisconcepts.com  It’s about procrastination.  Laurie wants to do it with my Human because Laurie doesn’t know the first thing about procrastinating and My human is an expert procrastinator.


2 comments on “Update by Max

  1. Dear Max:
    Glad to hear that you are feeling better (I think I missed the part where you were sick; I’ve been missing a lot lately) and even got to sleep through the night.
    I’m wondering how many folks will procrastinate signing up for and going to the workshop if they are all procrastinators? (Just like my hubby’s philosophical question: How can you tell if a liar is lying when he says he’s lying).
    Hope your human continues to sleep through the night!


    • Dear My Best Friend Lorraine,
      It doesn’t matter if people procrastinate signing up because my Human will procrastinate confirming it for them and then procrastinate presenting it. She’s the world’s best!


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