Flawed Fleas by Max

I’ve reposted several of Becca Givens’ haikus.  Becca created another memorable vision in the elegant haiku form:

Goal of Perfection

Goal of perfection
Flawed, disenchanted burden
Precious time wasted

by Becca Givens   http://beccagivens.wordpress.com

I read her haikus regularly. Today, for the first time, I clicked on the link on her blog and came upon ANOTHER blog

Haiku Heights

http://haiku-heights.blogspot.com – which gives out word prompts for haikus.

Sounded like fun so I tried my “hand” at the new haiku prompt FLAW

And Max tried his “paw” too!

Perfection no flaws
Nothing more and nothing less
Can’t tinker with God

by Judy

Flawed Fleas by MAX

Lick their little lips

When taking a bite of me

Flawed and hungry fleas

Try it yourself!

  1. First line 5 syllables
  2. Second line 7 syllables
  3. Third line 5 syllables.

9 thoughts on “Flawed Fleas by Max

  1. Oh so beautiful 🙂 both haikus, yours and Max’s. Perfection is God’s gift for sure…

    Welcome to my little meme child, Haiku Heights. Hope to see you more often too.


  2. Hi Max. My name is Tosca. I am a ferret. My mommy is a clinical social worker and likes this site. She writes poems sometimes…and runs. I don’t have fleas. I had them once but mommy gave me a bath and put some stuff on me to kill them. I hate fleas.


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