Joshua & Sonny Ray The Dog

Sonny Ray

On the sidewalk directly in front of Daru and me at the outdoor cafe where we were eating was a man and a dog.

The dog wore sunglasses.  The man wore a smile.  The dog lay on the sidewalk, barely moving other than to yawn, scratch or shift.  The man never stopped moving.  The dog never barked.  The man talked to everyone who passed.

I couldn’t resist taking pictures of what I saw.  I couldn’t resist talking to the man.  Here’s Joshua Reyes’ own words.

“Hi Judith, glad u wrote back.

My mission in my life is help, heal, find, save, and give back with my boy Sonny Ray.

Sonny Ray is a misunderstood breed but yet spreading the Best Free Medicine ( Laughter ). He changes people lives, he heals people at hospitals, changes the perspective of [Pit Bulls].

I wrote my first autobiography which is DOGUMANTRY– Together, as one the only thing in life, we could all do ( including our pets ) is TRY to help,  heal, find, save, and give-back. I also wrote a cartoon book called ” Best Friends “the story of how Sonny Ray and I met.


Since Sonny Ray is becoming a Celebrity Dog i have asked “Lange Foundation” an Animal Shelter to provide me with volunteers. 

Sonny Ray & I are here to help. I have made Head-shots of Sonny Ray with his real paw stamp. People will donate towards Lange by taking a headshot of Sonny Ray. I will giving 20% of whatever we make at the end of the day. At the end of the night it’s Sonny Ray helping other dogs which i think is pretty cool. I will be at the (Santa Monica) promenade from Thursday-Sunday 12 pm to Sunset.

Judith, A Pit-Bull changed my life and it’s my purpose and destiny to Help. I feel it’s my duty to change the Pit-Bull world.

While we are living i won’t give up on something that I know I CAN change.

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Josh’s story about his own adoption and how he adopted Sonny Ray plus video of Sunny Ray can be found on Sonny Ray’s web-site.

Max isn’t the only one with his own site!

3 thoughts on “Joshua & Sonny Ray The Dog

    • Josh,
      You’re welcome. I believe in supporting people who are doing good for humanity. It’s all of our spiritual journeys here on this planet. Let me know if you have any news to share I would be pleased to help.


  1. This is a great story … I do not believe there are any bad dogs/breeds … it is all in the way they are raised and nurtured. We had a wolf-hybrid … he was a big baby … would rather lick you to death than eat you! He was my love – and the only purposefully purchased fur-child I have ever owned … the ones after have all been rescues!

    I wish Josh and Sonny-Ray well!!


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