Hell yes! I procrastinate!

The Four Phases of Procrastination

Hell!  I’ve figured out what hell REALLY is:

Going to heaven and

procrastinating for eternity.

As Laurie Miller www.hypnosisconcepts.com and I are putting the finishing touches on our  August 5th two-hour presentation Moving from Procrastination to Motivation I have been all too keenly aware of where and how I procrastinate.  Laurie, on the other hand, has undoubtedly been keenly aware of how she is a complete failure at procrastinating.

I take some pleasure in the fact that it will be apparent to all who come to the presentation that I am an expert on procrastination while Laurie is a mere novice.

Judy’s Four Phases of Procrastination

  1. Ow!  The task hurts
  2. Oooh! I’ve found something else to do that feels better
  3. MmmI do the activity that feels good & is interesting
  4. Wah!:  The original task hasn’t miraculously gone away.

Continue repeating all 4 phases as long as the fires are still burning.

If you have already mastered Judy’s Four Phases of Procrastination you might want to join us on August 5th.

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9 comments on “Hell yes! I procrastinate!

  1. Unfortunately, I know all too well about this subject … mine isn’t fear-based, but rather …. it is either overwhelming or there are many more interesting things to do in its place … wish I were closer … I would be in the front row of the workshop to make sure I paid utmost attention :-)! Cure sought!!!


    • If something is overwhelming, breaking into smaller tasks can help sometimes. For example, cleaning the house. Thinking about cleaning every room, including the ferret cage, is a huge task. But, if I start with the ferret cage, then the ferret room, it seems more possible and I’m more likely to start. Starting a task that is boring (something more interesting to do) is a matter of motivation. Why do you want it done? That helps me sometimes. Other times, I do the interesting thing and flake off on the task. =)


  2. I was going to sign up for this class, but I just never got around to it. Ah, well, procrastination isn’t really a problem for me. I’m very gifted at it. Now, off to clean that pesky ferret cage. Ah, maybe I can do it later. There’s an interesting TV show on right now. I’ll get to it. Eventually. That’s not procrastination, is it? Darn, I missed the start of the TV show. I spent too much time with this comment… That’s not procrastination, is it? Maybe I do have a problem. Stupid ferret cage.


  3. That’s too true. I think a lot of procrastination is rooted in fear or anxiety. For example, writing a paper for college. Is the student anxious about the grade? Does the student “fear” the process itself? It may be hard or boring- or worse- both! When I procrastinate now, it’s mainly from fear or feeling overwhelmed. It’s easier to avoid the situation than to face it.

    Motivation is interesting. How do you motivate yourself to complete a difficult task? The motivation has to come from within to be truly effective. Extrinsic motivation only works if the person cares enough about the reward or to avoid the punishment.

    I think I may write a post about motivation. Fun stuff!


    • Lydia,
      Thanks for your comments. I agree that sometimes procrastination is fear based. For me it’s usually avoidance of what doesn’t interest or excite me.
      Also, motivation can be fear based. Fear of the consequences.
      Interesting how fear can serve both.

      I’ve already started a post based on your last post about being in the present moment! Thanks for the inspiration!


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