Dear Leo,

I read this on your blog:
“The form of poetry here is the Senryu. A senryu is a three line verse, originating in Japan, that deals with emotions rather than nature. It is similar to the haiku, and has a 5 – 7 – 5 syllabic format.”
Syllabic format
The word Senryu two or three?
Emotions are me
Eliminate any
Two and a half syllables
A half too many

Not easy to do
Senryu, Senryu, is five
How’s that for Haiku?

 P.S. Friendship Haiku
  Humans – my best friends
   Humans have money for treats
   I love treats to eat
  Haiku Heights – so so
  Haiku Heights no dough for treats
  Haikus can’t be eat

14 comments on “Friendship

    • Dear My BEST friend Lydia,
      You said it! You are the BEST and so is your Maxaiku.
      (The kisses are dry cuz my Human won’t let anything wet near her laptop)


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