Free Mind-Body Teleseminar Series, NICABM

Thought I’d pass on this information from nicabm The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine:

“Mind-Body Medicine Teleseminar Series 2011

  •  It’s free to listen, you just have to sign up.
  • You will be participating in this Mind/Body Medicine Teleseminar Series using an…music_note  Online Audio PlayerYou will have access to each of the expert presentations by online audio at the time of broadcast.On each consecutive Wednesday, beginning August 3rd – September 7th, you’ll be given a webpage that will contain the access to that day’s interview.

Mind-Body Medicine 2011 Telseminar Series is the largest series that we’ve ever created. Ten experts in mind-body medicine have come together to provide their insights into solutions for our current public health crisis.

Topics include:

o The Power of Healing Spaces: A New Mind-Body Approach to Health
o Dance for Parkinson’s: A Case Study in Mind-Body Medicine
o A Mind-Body Approach for Managing Inflammation and Chronic Pain
o How Environmental Cues Guide our Food Choices
o Hormone Imbalance and the Mind-Brain Connection
o Unexplained Symptoms and IBS: Insights from Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine
o Mental Health Factors that Can Effect Your Patients’ Susceptibility to Diabetes
o A Mind-Body Approach to Building a Better Brain
o The Effect of Childhood Trauma on Health in Adults
o A Nutritional Approach to Chronic Disease

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