Unrequited Love

Judy's Journal Page

I’m in love.  Unfortunately I’ve not made time to spend with the object of my affection.  Fortunately, my paramour has lots of other lovers and doesn’t miss my attention.  I pine alone. 

This video made me realize that if I am going to feel good about my love affair, attention must be paid.

“There is a reason why art has served as a means of soulful self-expression for centuries upon centuries. All forms of art, from painting to dancing to music, are very personal and emotional experiences — both for the artists and the viewers.

While it is a common experience to fall in love with a certain artwork, scientists now have evidence that shows the brain reacts similarly when viewing artwork and when falling in love. New research by Semir Zeki, Professor of Neuroesthetics at University College London demonstrates that viewing a beautiful work of art creates the same chemical response as love. Both experiences trigger the feel-good chemical dopamine. So if you’re missing that special someone, perhaps partake in a daily dose of art inspiration.”

And even if you aren’t missing “that special someone” take in a daily dose of creative expression.

We all can use as much dopamine as we can get.

8 comments on “Unrequited Love

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  2. ……and that is why I am disgusted that the price for a ticket to MoMa (Musem of Modern Art) has gone up to twenty-five dollars per ticket!!!!!! it’s absolutely ridiculous, for that price they should at least give you a free lunch. I grew up at that musuem, when I cut classes that is where I headed, it was a much nicer world back then. While I don’t collect expensive pieces of art, if I find something I fall in love with, I must have it. I did that once, with one very small painting, that I have in my living room. I’ve had it for about ten years now and I still get pleasure out of it every time I look at it. love, Laurie F.


  3. Thanks Judy ~ Very enlightening & now I have a wonderful “excuse” to follow my love for art; It’s good for me….kinda like taking my vitamins everyday. A little art a day keeps the blues away ♥


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