Procrastination & Motivation Take on New Meaning

I am clearly split.  Here’s my two finger puppets from the Motivation Beats Procrastination workshop:

My Motivator Puppet “Manny Moe & Jack” (I must delve into that name — it came out of nowhere during the imagery)  is a little angel, a star.  She’s a bit too sweet (sweet! did I just write that?!!)

  Oh my gosh!  SHE’S been the one eating all the pastry, pie and candy. . . .eating enough to fill Manny, Moe AND Jack)

(A clear example of the unconscious process.  Until I started writing I never had those thoughts)

My Procrastinator Puppet Isabelle has a heart ( you can barely make it out in the photo).  She tickles my fancy.  She’s a bit scary looking.  Maybe she should ring her bell and scare me from eating junk.  Ah, but she procrastinates.

The plot thickens (just like my waist . . .)

2 comments on “Procrastination & Motivation Take on New Meaning

  1. I haven’t been around much lately. Trying to keep a goal of creating one thing a day. Anything. and some days lately, that’s all I can do.
    From inspiration from all I’ve been doing, reading…things like your blog…
    I’ve started a new blog all about creating.
    Create to Heal.
    Just getting is started, playing with the look…and need to mention more of my inspirations.

    I love the puppets.
    and I understand the junk food eating lately.
    I was at the point where I never really ate junk food. But lately…well, since this last spell started (almost 2 months now) I think I’ve eaten chocolate ice cream every day. Yes, every day. *shaking my head* I’m so ashamed. But I haven’t gained any weight??? I haven’t lost any..but haven’t gained!
    I need to get back to eating healthier. But until I can start cooking again…that’s probably not going to happen.
    I told my husband I felt like I was in college again. frozen pizza, mac and cheese, cereal…he’s learning to cook more..but lot’s of mac and cheese lately.

    Personally, I love Isabelle. She may procrastinate, but she looks like she’d get into more mischief. my kind of gal.



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