What on Earth is Growing in My Garden? (pun intended)

I‘m making an edible garden.  Threw in lots of rocky soil – rocks came for free with the soil – buried some kitchen compost and without my doing anything plants started emerging — all the SAME plants.  

They emerged and emerged and emerged.. . . and they grew and grew and grew.  So I watered them.

Yellow flowers, hundreds of yellow flowers appeared.  And the plants  grew and grew.   So I watered some more. 

Neighbors started gave me information:  “Those are zucchini plants”.  “No, they’re cucumber plants.”

I watered some more.  Now there were several tiny green “thingeys”.  Neighbors were now sure they were squash.

The green “thingeys” are getting rounder and rounder. 

Any ideas what is Growing in My Garden?

20 comments on “What on Earth is Growing in My Garden? (pun intended)

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  2. It looks like a muskmelon. When I was a little person, my grandfather (who was a farmer) used to call beige melons with netted appearance muskmelons, not cantaloupe. I was perplexed as to why. Finally, thanks to Al Gore and the internet I found out. Here’s what it says:

    Muskmelon (Cucumis melo ‘reticulatus’) is commonly known in the trade as a cantaloupe. However, no cantaloupes are actually grown commercially in the United States, only muskmelons. Cantaloupes (Cucumis melo ‘cantaloupensis’) are a rough warty fruit while muskmelon have the characteristic netting on the fruit rind.


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  4. The leaves do look like a squash plant…but I haven’t grown melons, so I don’t know what their leaves look like. (of course I shouldn’t say I’ve grown squash either, not after the squash bugs ate them all..well, at least they were full.)
    Oh, but it looks like a lovely honey dew….ummmm honey dew.

    Heck, bust that baby open and see what’s inside!

    We harvested potatoes and shallots today. Anything that grows underground did well this year….not so much for the rest.
    But my basil has gone CRAZY! Must make Pesto!

    So make sure to let us know who….uh, I mean what…is growing in your garden.


  5. A version of those baby watermelons? Almost bought one today; but the skin on yours would need to get that stripey, mottled, watermelon look. So, maybe they are pod people after all?


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